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From data to decisions.

Our data automation software Xpert BI accelerates time to insight. Xpert BI enables agile development, end-to-end governance, and unique flexibility and scalability for your data platform.

Make data-driven decisions based on data you can trust.

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Power of Automation

Accelerate your data platform with Xpert BI.

The digital age demands instant information access to ensure accurate decision-making, optimized operations, and competitive advantage. Data is vital for an organization's ability to stay ahead.

However, the complex structure of business applications, time-consuming activities, and costly processes is often a barrier for organizations to truly become data-driven.



Xpert BI is a comprehensive data platform allowing you to automate every step of transforming data into valuable business information.

Automation is key to productivity, and according to Gartner, it will empower your developers with 4x. As a result, you will save time, cut costs and accelerate your data-driven journey to stay ahead.

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Benefits of data automation



Xpert BI provides you agility in the sense of speed, productivity, flexibility and innovation.



Deliver data solutions to business demands faster than ever before.



Automation is key to productivity, and according to Gartner automation tools such as Xpert BI will empower your developers with 4x.

What our customers say

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Our data platform TORA, based on Xpert BI and SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases our value creation.

Erik Arrestad, Petoro
Kristian Stapnes 2-2-1-1

We are able to deliver data to the whole organization faster and cheaper through the data warehouse with Xpert BI and Power BI.

Kristian Stapnes, NorSea
Lars Herman Løkkeberg Brynild 2-1

Xpert BI has saved us time and money by cutting the implementation cost in half. It has given us flexibility, control, and traceability.

Lars Herman Løkkeberg, Brynild Gruppen


NorSea is an innovative and customer-focused supply chain manager. The company provides supply base services and integrated logistics solutions to several industries.

This is their data-driven story.

Customer success

Proven Industry Experience

BI Builders has substantial experience with helping a broad variety of industries become data-driven. We combine smart technology with industrial know-how to enable you to make better decisions - faster.

Industry examples



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End-to-end data modernisation platform providing you agility in the sense of speed, productivity, flexibility and innovation.


Reduce your time to market.
According to Gartner automation empowers developers with 4X to deliver on your business demands.

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Born on-prem, adapted to a cloud world.
Xpert BI provides you value regardless of where your infrastructure is located.

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Get control of where data is coming from and who is using them with comprehensive source-to-destination data lineage.

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Xpert BI supports a wide range of technologies. You can choose what serves your needs, we bring powerful automation.

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Xpert BI has a built in transparent and easy-to-use enterprise metadata catalog designed for business users.

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