From data to decisions.

The modern data platform starts with powerful automation.
The modern data platform is built with Xpert BI.

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A modern data platform starts with powerful and flexible automation.

Data and analytics are reshaping industry competition. Tomorrow's leaders make efficient use of the vast amounts of data available to drive profitable and sustainable growth.

Our unique software ensures standardization and minimizes manual work - letting your organization scale and reduce time-to-market for new data.

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Trouble choosing your Azure
data platform components?

Tomorrow’s data platforms are more than data warehouses. In addition they must cover data lakes and data hubs, and be open for use with machine learning and advanced analytics. This makes it hard to choose your storage and processing technologies in Azure.


You don’t have to make
all choices up front.

We can store and process data in Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake Storage, Snowflake and Azure Synapse Analytics. Full flexibility of combining as you like. And changing at any time from one to the other.


Evolve as you go.

Using Xpert BI you can start small and then evolve into more advanced architecture, covering your user needs today and tomorrow. We provide a maturity assessment with recommended architecture blueprint for each maturity level and how to transition between the levels.

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Recognized by Gartner in 2020 research paper

Xpert BI featured in 2020 Gartner research paper "Automating Data Warehouse Development". The paper explains how Xpert BI extends and complements Microsoft's data management and BI platforms.


Available on Azure Marketplace

Xpert BI is Certified for Microsoft Azure. Ensure automation, lineage and documentation of all data processing and data flows regardless of your choice of infrastructure. Xpert BI is also compatible with AWS, Google or other cloud platforms.


NorSea is an innovative and customer-focused supply chain manager. The company provides supply base services and integrated logistics solutions to several industries.

The data warehouse in Norsea was established as they were implementing a new ERP system. With the powerful automation that Xpert BI provides, Norsea was able to start building a data model for reporting and combine data from several systems simultaneously as they converted into the new ERP system.


Everyone automates their cloud data platform

Regardless of technology your project is likely to have scripts, frameworks and code that helps you automate manual work when building a cloud data platform.


We help you avoid re-inventing the wheel

Using Xpert BI there is no longer a need for designing your own custom framework for Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage gen2 and Azure Synapse Analytics.


Get robustness and proven efficiency gains of 4x

Gartner states that on average each developer will be at least 4 times as efficient as using standard ETL/ELT tools and saving time to inventing the wheel yourself.

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Problems we solve

Using automation where possible to accelerate development productivity. Gartner states data warehouse automation results in 4x productivity increase. This means, the correct data to the right user – faster. Using Xpert BI there is no longer a need for inventing your own custom automation framework for your Azure Data Platform.

Key data governance capabilities include showing the complete data lineage of where data is coming from and how it has been processed on the way, in an easy to use web interface. Users need data transparency and accessible data definitions in order to trust the data as basis for their decisions. Furthermore, each data object can be tagged with ownership and regulatory compliance requirements.

The entire organisation can search for and find any data object; it be Power BI reports, SSAS models, measures, dimensions and data sources and find descriptions, business rules and data lineage. This will reduce duplication of efforts in the organization, enable users to find data, and offload end user requests to IT and the developers.