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Releasing the power
of your data

About BI Builders


At BI Builders, we believe there is a better way to build a data platform to support your data-driven organization.
We minimize manual efforts and increase productivity across the entire value chain.
We are enthusiastic about creating value for our customers through continuous innovation. We do this through our automation software Xpert BI.
We are excited to help you through our software, our people and our community.


To be the leading innovative accelerator in delivering value through data. 
Releasing the Power of Your Data
BI Builders shall be at the forefront of the technical development within automation of data platform and analytics solutions, and be a driving force for innovation and modernization for our customers. 



Our Values

BI Builders Integrity

Integrity to us means that we are honest and transparent. We challenge our clients and advise them of what we believe is best, regardless of profit. And we never speak negatively about our competitors.

BI Builders Commitment

We are committed to enlightening our customers. To deliver what we promise, never promise more than we can deliver, and to ensure high quality in every process.

BI Builders Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm to us means having a positive attitude, having fun at work and not taking ourselves too seriously. We respect and take care of each other, and celebrate everyone’s success.

Management team

Jarle Soland-1

Jarle Soland

Chief Executive Officer


Anja Loug Helland

Head of Presale and Advisory


Terje Vatle

Head of Region East Norway


Torstein Meisal Brauter

Head of Sales & Marketing


Eilin Fransman

Marketing Manager


Alf Inge Johansen

Senior Sales Executive


Sverre Helland

Head of R&D


Angelo Brigante

Head of Analytics


Kurt S. Helland

Executive Chairman


BI Builders Timeline

BI Builders is founded with the documented need for automation within the data warehouse and data analytics space.

It is founded by four people with different technology and industry background but with the same goal:

Releasing the power of your data – automated.

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