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Analytics and Visualization

Improve decisions with analytics and informative dashboards

We provide advisory analytic services and build insightful Power BI reports
supporting your organization.

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Analytics services

Data analytics is the science of analyzing data in order to make inferences. At BI Builders we offer a broad range of analytical techniques, each suitable for its own distinctive challenge.

Analytics can help you to get the insights you need from your data. Visualize your data and uncover hidden data stories. Create informative dashboards of your day-to-day operations and help your key decision-makers find the right information and metrics to do their job.

Explore the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and see how they can be applied to your data.



Reporting and dashboards

We have extensive experience in building reports and dashboards in Power BI. We assist clients with our well-proven best practice covering everything from report development, documentation, maintenance, and quality assurance. We incorporate Power Apps to facilitate data entry in an integrated and seamless experience.

Check out our Power BI Best Practices Guide to make professional and insightful reports.

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Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data are often used as buzz words, but how to use this technology in your organization is difficult to grasp.

To be successful, a project in the field of Advanced Analytics depends on:
- Posing the right question
- Choosing the right technique
- Using the right data
- Being aware of data quality issues

In our role as consultants, data engineers, and advisors we get firsthand insight on market trends, technological challenges and real-life experience from clients, research, partners, and advisory companies. We treasure such knowledge and combine it with our expertise in data management and industry experience to help organizations to answer the questions above.

With the right guidance, exploring the field of advanced analytics can lead to successful projects with a high return of investment.

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Power BI courses

We offer Power BI courses at both beginner and advanced levels.
The beginner course is based on our own material and gives the participants an introduction of the Power BI capabilities by guiding them through the following steps:
- Import of data
- Creation of some simple visualization
- Transforming data in PowerQuery
- DAX basics
- Report navigation
The course builds on a combination of theory and exercises and can be held either on site or on-line. If preferable, we can also host the course in our offices.

The advanced course will be customized to the client’s needs.


NorSea operates with over
190 active reports

See how they convert data into insights to improve quality and efficiency.

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Check out our Power BI Best Practices Guide to make professional and insightful reports.