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Automating Azure Synapse and Azure Purview

December 3rd, 2020 Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Analytics as generally available and Azure Purview as in preview.

BI Builders has designed a comprehensive automation platform tailored for Microsoft Azure technologies, and now also integrating with Synapse Analytics and Purview.

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Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview

Azure Synapse Analytics makes the compelling business case of having one, integrated service and user experience for both your data warehouse and your big data analytics environments, greatly reducing the barriers between operational reporting and advanced analytics & AI.

Adding Azure Purview, Microsoft is aiming to fill some of the gap on data governance and self-service. It includes functionality such as getting a technical overview of the data estate, handling security and compliance and making data more available to different user groups in your organization.

However, Azure Synapse Analytics lacks fundamental functionality for automation and cost control when designing your data platform. Azure Purview has clear limitations for live documentation and its usability for non-tech users.

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Data-driven use-cases for Energy and Offshore


Faster development through reuse

Start with pre-built functionality for any repeatable task when building the data platform in Azure Synapse Analytics


Designed with costs in mind

Cost calculators that help estimate cost impacts at design time, to get the most out of the Azure investments without overspending

Solution Catalog-1

Focus on user adaptation

Complementing Azure Purview with a data catalog functionality for non-tech users with always updated documentation

What are the benefits of automation

Our mission is to help organizations get more value out of their data. When organizations modernize their data platform and move into the Azure cloud, it is a great opportunity to also work smarter and help increase user adoption. This is possible through automation so you can get the most out of your data and the most out of your investments in Azure.

PNG save time

You can save a lot of time

With our add-on Data Engineers have pre-built functionality for any repeatable task for building the data platform in Azure Synapse Analytics – massively saving time in development and increasing business agility

Catalog - Lineage Short

Easier for non-tech people to answer their questions

Non-tech users have an easy-to-use data catalog with always updated documentation, and the ability to see business rules and lineage for every data and analytics assets from data sources to Power BI – simplifying user adoption and fostering a data-driven culture


Avoid cloud costs spiraling out of control

Cost calculators can help Data Engineers estimate cost impacts at design time, to get the most out of the Azure Synapse Analytics investments without overspending

But there is more

Our comprehensive automation platform can help you rapidly build a robust data platform.


Automated extract and ingest

Xpert BI is a metadata-driven tool that automates the data extraction and ingestion process when building a data warehouse, data lake, or a data platform. This setup can be done in just a few minutes and enables incredibly efficient data ingestion.


Built-in best practices

The tool includes a best-practice architecture and methodology to ensure high-quality solutions. Data is stored in different layers, from raw to curated, and modeled to fit the organizational reporting and analytic needs.


Flexible processing options

Configurations include a range of filter options, incremental and delta loads, windowed loads, history tracking, and more. Data can be loaded into the destination of your choice amongst; SQL Server, Azure Managed Instance, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Lake.


End-to-end lineage

Complete data lineage on both table and column level from data source, through all data transformation layers, to your reports. This gives users and developers full traceability both from a top-down and bottom-up perspective.


Intelligent processing

An intelligent processing engine where developers work on a high level of abstraction and configure update schedules based on fact-and-dimension data model level. Xpert BI finds all executable objects in the dependency and executes on the most efficient order.


Augmented development

Automation, standardization, and built-in documentation enable your developers to focus on value-adding activities implementing business requirements, rather than time-consuming maintenance tasks such as troubleshooting queries and execution plans.


Full flexibility

Deploy to a wide range of storage and processing architectures in Azure to implement your data lake, data warehouse and data hub. Xpert BI supports Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure Data Lake Storage gen2 and Azure Synapse Analytics. And combine them as you like.


Built-in data catalog

With a powerful search engine and a web-based interface, Solution Catalog allows any user to search and find relevant documentation and data. It provides one place to find all documentation regarding the whole data platform.

Automated documentation

Automated documentation

The documentation and end-to-end data lineage are built automatically by using active metadata. Therefore it will always be up to date and reflect the actual implementation. No more outdated excel spread sheets and word documents.

test automation

Test automation & anomaly detection

A built-in test automation framework helps increases data quality and stability. It helps you proactively detect data quality issues and anomalies before it reaches end-users.


Collaborate between business units & IT

Built-in functionality to capture business documentation for data early in the development process. Documentation is available for all down-stream use.

unit test

Built-in unit tests and regression tests

Xpert BI DataOps enables testing on all levels and supports a range of query languages. This means you can use both SQL, DAX and MDX as well as constants in data comparisons, and schedule this with your daily loads or migration loads

Blog: Automating Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview

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