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A look back at 2021

Bilde av Jarle Soland
by Jarle Soland

29. Dec 2021, 8 minutes reading time

A look back at 2021

2021 is coming to an end, and we look back on all the exciting highlights. 

We entered 2021 with many expectations and a lot of activities starting up again after a difficult 2020. We planned for a normal year, but looking back, we must admit that we are putting behind us yet another pandemic year. But with 2020 full of uncertainty, we have experienced a good year with a taste of normality on and off. 

Coming back to the office, meeting employees, partners, and customers is essential in daily life. Flexibility and the option of using home-office is good, but we all need to meet each other for further development. 

Even though we got a new form of lockdown with Omicron in December, we don’t experience the same uncertainty as in 2020. So we are all looking forward to 2022 and are happy for 2021 despite all the challenges. 


Continuous growth 

2020 was a “speed bump” concerning further business development for BI Builders. But after all the uncertainty in Q2-2020, we experience a wind of change from Q3-2020 and onwards. The same change has followed into 2021. 

 The maturity within digitalization and the need for a data platform is rising, and we get much more attention from the market. Our offering with data platform- and data warehouse- automation, automatic documentation, data lineage, and solution catalog is well met.

Existing customers are happy and good ambassadors for our offerings.

We have experienced a lot of optimistic potential prospects entering the arena again after stopping a lot of activities in 2020. This gives us increasing belief in the development of the market. The revenue is rising, and the number of new customers is growing in all segments, and the future is optimistic 😊


Our people 

Despite the pandemic situation for most of 2021, all employees have delivered high performance despite sitting in their home offices.
In the annual internal environment measurement, employees scored collaboration and sharing of knowledge 9.6 out of 10. This impressive score tells us that they appreciate their colleagues in BI Builders. They have shared knowledge with each other and customers for the best possible value creation. This strengthens our status as one of the highest skilled environments within Datawarehousing.
To support continuous growth, we are currently looking for more high-performance colleagues. Visit our career site for job openings.


Events 2021

Much like the year before, 2021 started with many digital events. First, we hosted a series of webinars with a live demo of our software, Xpert BI. The series was top-rated, and you can find the recordings here

Even if we see the benefits of digital events, all of us were eager to attend our first physical event finally. As the vaccination numbers grew, so did our events list. Our first physical event was the Stavanger Energy Conference on August 24.  

It was great to attend a conference and finally see familiar faces and meet new people. Overall, the autumn conferences were excellent, with EnergyworldERP 2021, and Data Insight Conference in the Netherlands being the highlights this season. We have many more exciting events to come in 2022, and we hope to see many of your there.


Team building, with a hike to Pulpit rock

In September, we finally gathered for the first time in 2 years. The last time the whole team was together was in October 2019. The energy level was high, as it was a much-needed team building. We had a fantastic stay, with lots of fun and games during the day, followed by a lovely dinner Friday night. Saturday morning started with a digital presentation by Anja Loug Helland at DataSaturday, followed by a hike up to the Pulpit Rock. Preikestolen


Benelux Office

Business development is ongoing. As Europe has been heavily impacted by Covid, our business development approach has changed. Most planned market events have been canceled, and the way to marked has been very different from the plan. For 2021 the key focus has been to develop a sales pipeline to cater to 2022 activities. Working together with local business development teams and local partners will continue to be the primary focus for 2022.


New York Office

With lockdown most of 2020 and still challenging conditions in 2021, the timing could have been better. Despite this, we have signed our first contract in Houston, looking forward to startup in 2022. We also have our first partnership agreement signed in New York, with several prospects. Working with partners to further develop the market will be a crucial priority for 2022. 


Product development

2021 has been one of the most exciting years in BI Builders history for product development. We are lucky to have Innovation Norway funding large initiatives for further development. Combined with internal funding, we have never used more resources to develop our offerings further. 

 BI Builders will deliver a new release 17. February 2022 with a lot of new features. This will position Xpert BI as the strongest automation product in Azure, accelerating your work even more with your data platform. 

Still giving you flexibility in use, data lineage, automatic documentation, no lock-in, and much more. So come and join us at the release 17. February 2022. 

Invites will be sent. 

These were some of the highlights from 2021. I am proud of what we have achieved and excited to make 2022 even more eventful.

Jarle Soland

Jarle Soland

Chief Executive Officer

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