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BI Builders 10 Year Anniversary

Bilde av Jarle Soland
by Jarle Soland

05. May 2021, 5 minutes reading time

BI Builders 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of BI Builders. As the CEO and co-founder, I am grateful for everything we have achieved and excited for what lies ahead. 

We have ambitious plans for the years to come, and I am confident that the next ten years will be even more eventful. As we celebrate this milestone in our company's history, I would like to look back at where it all started. 


BI Builders was established. 

I was the IT Program Manager at Neptune Energy (formerly GDF Suez ) under the development of the Gjøa gas and oil field in the North Sea. The big focus was efficient sharing of data between the fields offshore and the sites onshore and between partners and across domains. We could not find the right tools for the job, so we contacted Erik Frafjord, who had some new ideas about automation, governance, and control. Erik created a successful proof of concept for Neptune Energy and further developed his bright ideas, and we started BI Builders together with Anja Loug Helland and Sverre Helland. 


Xpert BI first release 

We started an industrial research and development project together with Innovation Norway and Neptune Energy, and in 2011 Xpert BI was launched. The following year Xpert BI was set to production for Neptune Energy, and it is still running today. 


We recognized a need in the market, and Xpert BI fulfilled that need back in 2011. Today it is a leading data warehouse automation tool designed to compliment and extend Microsoft's data management and BI platforms. It automates data warehouse development, optimizes data processing, and provides comprehensive end-to-end documentation and lineage capabilities.

It is available on Azure Marketplace, and in January 2020, Xpert BI was recognized by Gartner for its capabilities stating how it increases a company's productivity by 4x.


The sky is the limit. 

BI Builders has developed a lot over the past few years, going from a start-up to a scale-up. Since 2015 we have been recognized as a Gazelle company (one of Norway's fastest-growing companies) with an annual growth rate of 48% (except for 2020)We have gone from 4 employees to 30 in just a few years. Since 2019 we have opened three new offices in Oslo, New York, and Amsterdam. Despite a global pandemic, we got through 2020 with a positive result, thanks to our outstanding employees and management team. 


We have put 2020 behind us, and this year we have ambitious growth plans and are aiming to double our headcount by 2022


We have a fantastic product and incredible talented employees, and I could not be more proud of what we have achieved together so far. Thanks to Erik, Anja, and Sverre and to everyone else who has made BI Builders what it is today. I cannot wait for the next ten years. 


- Jarle Soland 


Jarle Soland

Jarle Soland

Chief Executive Officer

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