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How can you respond more quickly to digital change?

Bilde av Alf Inge Johansen
by Alf Inge Johansen

04. May 2021, 3 minutes reading time

How can you respond more quickly to digital change?

Faster pace, harder competition, ever-changing challenges. The digital transformation presents us both with threats and opportunities. Is your organization prepared for the ride? Here is how you can respond more quickly to digital change.

Being agile used to be all about being small and nimble. And while those are still relevant components of agility, there is a new dimension in town: digital readiness. In an increasingly digital and data-driven world, the rules of the game are quickly shifting.


The value of a learning culture

There is no stopping the digital transformation. Hence, playing purely defense is not the answer. Any ambitious organizations should view this as a time to go on the offense – because competitors certainly are. An important part of this is preparing your employees for what is to come, building a culture with the capabilities not only to withstand disruption but to be disruptive

This means proper, continuous training, retraining and upskilling of your employees. But it also means building a learning culture, where digital curiosity is fostered, and the right people not only know how to utilize data platforms and other digital tools, but genuinely enjoy improving at it. 


The right tools for the job

While it is crucial to stress that digital transformation is about more than just technology – you still need the right technology. One important tool is a shared data platform where you can actually make sense of all the data you have stored across silos. 

Because there is a difference between data and information. Most often, data really only becomes valuable – and actionable – information when you combine them from a multitude of sources. For example, you might have a CRM system that is being fed data from communication and social media, while you have crawlers that collect publicly available information. 

Chances are that unique, valuable insights are revealed first once these data sets are combined. This is what a powerful data platform allows you to do. 


Dare to share

More specifically, one of the bulwarks against the sharpened competition is participating in data sharing. With more data available, you can increase both the efficiency of processes and the understanding of markets and possibilities – ensuring agility. Simultaneously, through the active sharing of your own data, both with business partners and society at large, you increase organizational agility as well as relevance.

In fact, according to Gartner, data and analytics leaders who promote internal and external data sharing are more successful in demonstrating superior team and organizational performance. They predict that by 2023, organizations promoting data sharing will outperform peers on most business value metrics. 

Keep in mind that even seemingly low-investment digitalization efforts like chatbots require data. Without data, a chatbot will be of zero help – and the more data, the better.


Hiring for the future

The single most valuable thing you can do, however, if you want to be agile and successful in the age of digital disruption, is to recruit the right people. No company can transform without new thoughts, ideas – and the drive to put them into practice. 

Your organization needs forward-thinking people who want to play offense, who want to disrupt, and who value data. By fostering a data-driven culture, and by playing your marketing cards correctly, your brand can attract the talent necessary to grow, innovate and disrupt whenever opportunities arise. 

Because the only thing better than adapting to the future is to shape it yourself. 


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Alf Inge Johansen

Alf Inge Johansen

Senior Sales Executive Alf Inge has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Alf Inge is known for his good mood and commitment to everything he does. He has both technical and mercantile experience with the use of IT in a number of industries. In BI Builders, he tries to convince customers that they should automate as much work as possible and make better use of data in reporting and analysis.

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