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Innovation Norway allocates BI Builders NOK 4.5 million to further development of Data Warehouse Automation software

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by BI Builders

28. Jun 2021, 2 minutes reading time

Innovation Norway allocates BI Builders NOK 4.5 million to further development of Data Warehouse Automation software

BI Builders has been granted funding from Innovation Norway. The allocation of NOK 4.5 million (of which NOK 2.0 million is grants and NOK 2.5 million is innovation loans) will be used for the project "Data warehouse automation in large enterprises".

"This is excellent news, and we are grateful for the trust Innovation Norway has in BI Builders," says Sverre Helland, Head of Development.

Sverre Helland

«This is a new project adapted to the enterprise market internationally, where BI Builders develops software that is adapted to even greater complexity. The solution will enable more streamlined management, as well as further development and operation, which in turn will give better results. Furthermore, this will lead to an increased focus on sustainability and time for innovation for potential clients." explains Sverre Helland.

The enterprise solution will improve the handling of large data warehouse solutions that has more IT resources, larger amounts of data, more data sources, and more business logic. Four main technical areas have been defined in the development.
  • Data warehouse automation DevOps
  • Data modeling
  • Automatic Data Governance
  • New automation options

Xpert BI is based on automation, enabling companies to work more efficiently with data to reduce energy consumption to create business value. The solution will lead to more efficient storage of data and more efficient data processing, which in turn provides a direct reduction in energy consumption. In addition, the solution will automate processes, which p.t. are mainly manual in larger companies.

«Development of new scalable IT solutions represents something our region needs more of in the future, namely new export opportunities, and this is exactly what Innovation Norway grants and loans are intended for. BI Builders is already established in the USA and has received support from our offices there, and can now invest even more strongly in Europe," says Thomas Buchholz Johannessen in Innovation Norway.

"We are very pleased with the trust we have received from Innovation Norway, which enables us to realize our innovation plans. The result will give our customers better control and traceability of data from several sources, facilitating better fact-based decisions. This, in turn, will increase efficiency and secure potential environmental benefits, "concludes Chairman Kurt. S. Helland.




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