Ironstone: A business partner delivering a platform for the future

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09. Mar 2021, 7 minutes reading time

Ironstone: A business partner delivering a platform for the future

Based in Norway and Sweden, the cloud service provider Ironstone is part of the BI Builders partner network. By combining the power of innovation with an in-depth business sense, Ironstone helps companies migrate safely to the cloud. The company was awarded Microsoft Partner Award Winner 2020 in the category Digitalization Partner for SMB.

According to Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for SMBs Survey, about two-thirds of small and medium-sized businesses are currently using cloud technology. Another third is looking to implement cloud computing solutions to their business in the future.


Whether it’s enabling employees to work from anywhere, increase operational flexibility and security or enhance business decisions, the cloud can help a company accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge.

– We believe the cloud is the way forward for any business to become more efficient, more agile and more competitive, says Tormod Eek, Sales and Business Evangelist at Ironstone.

 He elaborates:

– The key is velocity, speed and system impact. The cloud offers a service catalog like nothing you have seen before; the speed from test to deployment, the dynamics and the speed of improvements and new services.

Based on their knowledge and experience, Ironstone focuses primarily on the incredible possibilities of using Microsoft technology such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

– What makes us truly unique, though, is the fact that we are a cloud-only company, Eek adds.


Facilitating smooth cloud migration

Cloud offers endless options, but migration also introduces challenges. As more and more SMB companies migrate to the cloud, there’s an increased need for end-to-end migration support to manage complexity, maintain performance and drive innovation.

Cloud comes in lots of varieties, and a company needs to have its future business and IT strategy in mind. Thus, selecting the best-fit solution and migration partner is crucial.

As a cloud migration specialist focusing on putting business before technology, Ironstone has helped several SMBs, including independent software vendors, successfully shift to Microsoft cloud services.

Why should companies choose to work with cloud migration specialists? Tormod Eek uses an analogy to get his point across:  

– Say you’re building a house. You’re not likely to get a provider that covers everything from A to Z, from carpentry and masonry to plumbing. You’ll need a specialist within each area of service. If a web hosting provider covers everything from network to cloud, they are not experts.

According to Eek, Ironstone’s self-developed services built on Microsoft’s enterprise-proven platform are what separates them from other cloud service providers.

– Everyone can sell Microsoft licenses. We stand out, understanding on a deeper level what the cloud journey is all about, how to facilitate it, and how to navigate complexities. This specialist know-how makes us exceptionally well-equipped to help our clients take advantage of cloud capabilities.


“It’s not just about moving your business to the cloud. It’s about not losing business while you do it.”
– Ironstone


“All the power of cloud, to utilize all the power of your business”

In previous years, reducing IT costs has been the main driver for moving to the cloud. However, today it’s the need for speed and agility. Cloud enables companies to deliver IT services faster and become more flexible. Moreover, cloud makes it easy to scale up or down, allowing companies to adjust their IT investment as their needs evolve.

As a managed solution provider putting business before technology, Ironstone enables companies to be ‘always on’ and stay proactive. By implementing technology for process automation and improved collaboration, companies can become more agile and efficient. Greater efficiency can, in turn, free up time and resources to innovate, improve, and expand products and services.

Tormod Eek explains:

– We deliver fully automated solutions, services and support that allow our customers to shift focus from repetitive and unnecessary tasks to optimizing their core business and driving innovation.


Helping leading brands tackle scalability issues

Ironstone works with some of the most well-known brands and organizations in Norway, such as Bergans of Norway, SATS and OBOS.

When Bergans of Norway, one of the country’s leading brands in outdoor gear and clothing, needed to safely establish their IT infrastructure and webshop in the cloud, Ironstone was their perfect match for the job.

– When there’s a spike in site visits, sales and support requests, the retailer must have the ability to automatically scale up and then scale back down to avoid wasted spend. Website crashes equal downtime, lost customers, and of course, lost revenue.

Hosting a webshop from a cloud platform enables up- or downscaling, hyper scaling globally, and various options for load-balancing of traffic.

Any business that experiences seasonal fluctuations will benefit from flexibility and scalability enabled by cloud computing.


Managing the cyber risks of remote work

Arguably, one of the most significant advantages of cloud solutions is empowering a new way of working, with total mobility and 24/7 staff connectivity regardless of device or location.

Enabling employees to work from any location and on any device can greatly improve efficiency and boost productivity – if managed well. Challenges experienced by many businesses are how to ensure information is safe, no matter where it travels, and how to provide employees access to all business-critical applications from any device.

During Covid-19, Ironstone has experienced increased demand from companies that need assistance in organizing home office work.

– The shift to working from home has exposed new security risks, as workers are no longer protected by their company firewall. Most employees are not particularly security-conscious, and people will end up clicking on malicious links. Security needs to be addressed.

Fortunately, Ironstone offers simple solutions that enable employees to work from home without compromising company security policies. Applications hosted from the cloud can easily and safely be accessed from any location or device, and cloud management tools allow you to stay in control with just a few clicks.


Enabling their customers to evolve

Since 2016, the Ironstone team have been working passionately to help companies reap all the benefits of cloud computing and – through cutting-edge Microsoft cloud solutions – build a technology foundation for future innovation and growth.

In essence, Ironstone is all about increasing their customer’s flexibility, productivity and performance, rigging them for future success.


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