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Profitbase and BI Builders enter into strategic cooperation

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by BI Builders

21. Apr 2022, 2 minutes reading time

Profitbase and BI Builders enter into strategic cooperation

Profitbase and BI Builders enter into a strategic cooperation. So that customers can create more business value and strengthen competitiveness in a more digital and data-driven everyday life.

BI Builders with Xpert BI and Profitbase software have entered into a strategic partnership in corporate governance and data platform. The purpose is to streamline the flow from data sources to value creation.

Organizations that use Profitbase's budget and rolling forecasting, consolidation, and risk/sustainability solutions can get the following benefits from the collaboration:

  • Increase profitability by gaining a good basis for decision-making across the entire business, where more information can be collected and put together
  • Improved competitiveness by allowing changes in the information picture to be made faster by system-supported data automation, guided development and standardisation
  • Better quality of the information picture with clear ownership of data, measures in data quality and full transparency in where data comes from for better trust
  • Greatly reduced development costs and faster value creation by freeing up time from compiling data to working with business needs, innovation and value creation
  • Efficiently secure access to new data sources in order to provide a complete picture of your business.

About BI Builders
BI Builders are experts in data automation, data warehouses and analytics, delivering Xpert BI software. Xpert BI helps to collect, transform and facilitate data for businesses large and small. While other data integration tools, such as ETL and ELT tools, are limited to repeating what a developing user asks them to do at a very detailed level, Xpert BI works at a higher level of abstraction. That means the developer gets guided and gets a massive boost in productivity and changeability. These include generating standardized code, automatically updated documentation, easier data source entry, runtime optimization, minimization of cloud costs, migration, device tests, complete traceability of data, and much more. By the project not having to build this itself, but instead getting this as a well-tested software, the solution becomes more robust. In addition, there is a sharp reduction in key man risk and cost risk.

About Profitbase
Profitbase is committed to delivering customer success through their highly flexible solutions: Profitbase Planner, Profitbase Consolidation and Profitbase Risk Management. They also develop a Low-code platform called InVision and Financial Reporting Matrix for Power BI.

They strive to exceed expectations by seeking innovative solutions, deliver impressive quality and embracing change. CFOs in larger companies, and their financial departments, are typical users of the Profitbase products – a user group that need more technological support than ever when making important strategic decisions. Make Better Decisions faster with Profitbase.

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