Public Health Care solutions that can contribute in a challenging time

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by Torstein Brauter

04. Sep 2020, 2 minutes reading time

Public Health Care solutions that can contribute in a challenging time

Norway is in a state of emergency, and the local healthcare has a very special and important role. It is crucial for everyone that the health care system now functions seamlessly, both in a crisis context and for all those in need of care.

Based on this, we have been encouraged by the Smart Care Health Cluster to inform about our IT solution that is tailored for the municipal health sector.

Xpert BI Public Healthcare is a standardized and comprehensive reporting solution for all municipalities that provides management and control at a completely unique price and delivery. The solution provides good value for several municipalities today.

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With an increased number of people in need of care without more resources available, municipalities must use smart solutions to be able to handle the volume. Our solution is simple and adapted to the municipality's needs and ecosystem.

BI Builders is a software company specialized in efficient use of data.

The solution we deliver:

  • Contains standardized and proven management parameters such as Users, Decision hours, Services, IPLOS, Measures, Stays etc.
  • Gives municipalities the opportunity to effectively see a bigger picture and make data-driven decisions.
  • Is adapted to retrieve data from subject systems municipalities use today, such as Gerica and Cosdoc.
  • Presented in Power BI or Excel, and includes standardized reporting templates with customization capabilities.
  • Can be realized because we use our effective automation tool, adapted to municipalities and their issues.
  • Can be delivered through remote deliveries.
  • Has a low and predictable price without complicated purchasing processes

Public sector

BI Builders has capacity immediately and is ready to assist the municipalities that want it in the challenge ahead.


Torstein Brauter

Torstein Brauter

Torstein Brauter is the Head of Sales & Marketing at BI Builders. With 5 years in Microsoft and experience across development, operations and enterprise sales, Torstein has extensive knowledge on how companies can digitize using data as a strategic asset. He is curious and restless by nature and prefers to spend his free time skiing, riding a motorcycle or just spending time with family and friends.

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