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Business Analyst

Improve profitability with a holistic view of your organization's performance

Get in front of digital finance. With a holistic view of all your organization's data, you can build reports and analysis to monitor performance, detect opportunities, and assure compliance.


Instant access to all your data

We let you instantly access all your data and build a consistent, holistic view across your organization. Regardless whether data resides in complex systems, in a cloud or are provided as service by a 3rd party.


Give end users real-time financial information

Combine data from multiple data sources and provide user-friendly, detailed and accurate financial information to all decision makers in your organization.


Accelerate Decision Support

Enable top down scenario analyses, improved sales forecasting and develop accurate demand models to improve your operations.


Uncover hidden growth opportunities

Create predictive models for early warnings and opportunity detection, track resource utilization compared to value creation and resource effectiveness, and support business process optimizations.


Financial reports delivered. We help you go from raw data to reports in Power BI

We help you moving from raw data in an ERP-system such as SAP R/3, SAP Hana, Infor M3 or UNIT4 Agresso, to ready financial reports delivered to each department in your organization. Using automation you get instant access to all your data, can build powerful data models and present it in easy to use reports in Power BI.

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We enabled the controlling department to run the whole data warehouse i.e. getting data from SAP

“When we were developing our data warehouse we had a requirement that our controller department had to be able to understand and develop our solution further. The choice of Xpert BI has been a perfect solution for us on several occasions.” Brynild Gruppen

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