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We build data
platforms to accelerate
your digital strategy

According to Gartner, a company’s ability to compete in the
digital economy will require faster-paced, forward-looking decisions.
We provide technology and services to help you build your data
platform enabling your digital transformation.


Instant access to all your data

Accelerate decision support by using automation to get data and providing actionable insights to any person in your organization, when they need it to make more timely and accurate decisions.


Discover hidden opportunities

Get a detailed and holistic view of your organization, the market, resources, performance and utilization. Build predictive models and enable AI & ML to detect and proactively manage opportunities and threats.


Accelerate decision support

Use automation to speed up the decision support process, from collecting data to presenting actionable insights to the relevant decision makers in your organization. Use data to enforce learning loops.


Power digital transformation

Lead the digital change in your organization by making data easy to find, use and understand. Make data, reports and analyses part your organization's processes to drive innovation and profitability.


Need to build a compelling business case for your data platform? Ask us how we can help.

Getting buy-in from leadership, owners, and other key stakeholders can be a challenge. We can help build a compelling business case as a basis for an investment decision.

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Our customers represent a wide range of organizations

We are a team of experts dedicated to understanding your unique requirements and needs and guiding you on the way to become data driven. We show strong integrity and are committed to your success.

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What our customers say

petoro profil

Our data warehouse Tora, based on Xpert BI and Microsoft SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases our value creation.

Data Manager Erik Aarrestad, Petoro
Skjermbilde 2020-10-14 kl. 15.11.41

Xpert BI has saved us time and money by cutting the implementation cost in half. It has given us flexibility, at the same time control and traceability.

Lars Herman Løkkeberg, Brynild Gruppen

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