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At BI Builders teamwork is the key to success. By combining individual talents, we strive to offer the best solutions to our customers.

And we’d like your help.

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Why You Should Join Our Team

At BI Builders we believe that a flat organizational structure gives everyone a great influence on their own work and in the company at large. We offer employee shares on a regular basis, giving you a chance to get in on the action.

We have a great work environment, and social activities are a priority. Our social committee organizes sports activities like padel, ski trips, and participation at local runs and marathons. Social gatherings like wine and beer tasting, board game nights and family activities. We also do yearly team-building trips, and they are awesome! 😎

What our employees say


Working at BI Builders is great. The competence level is high and I feel challenged in my field. If I'm stuck, there is always someone to ask, and we have many fun and lively discussions. Working with Xpert BI is a treat - it is a fantastic tool. Above all, a more friendly and welcoming work environment is hard to find. I enjoy working at BI Builders every day.

Marta Nielsen, Data Engineer

I joined BI Builders because of the high level of competence and friendliness. I think it's cool that everyone seems to be a nerd in their field. With Xpert BI, we help our customers transform their processes from messy and chaotic to systematic and manageable. Xpert BI is under constant development, and we are always exposed to the latest technology.

Are Fosså, BI Developer

Our values

Our values are the core of everything that we do.
Not only do we believe in our values, but we also try to live by them every day.


Integrity to us means that we are honest and transparent. We challenge our clients and advise them of what we believe is best, regardless of profit. And we never speak negatively about our competitors.


We are committed to enlightening our customers. To deliver what we promise, never promise more than we can deliver, and to ensure high quality in every process.


Enthusiasm to us means having a positive attitude, having fun at work and not taking ourselves too seriously. We respect and take care of each other, and celebrate everyone’s success.