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Real Estate

Data-Driven Real Estate

BI Builders is an international software provider with a leading automation tool helping
real estate organizations realize the value of their data. Learn about our customers,
selected use-cases and how we can help you.

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What we do

We provide automation software that helps real estate companies get more value out of their data, faster.

We help companies move away from having data and analyses spread out in different silos with unclear data quality, to having one quality-assured version of the truth. We automate the extraction, preparation and analyses of any data while enabling compliance. This lets you speed up your business processes, make proactive decisions and stay ahead in digital.

Proven benefits


See all your data - with improved data quality

Automate collection and preparation of any data across internal systems, excel sheets, news tickers, digital trading platforms, public sector data, 3rd party APIs, ERP, CRM etc. Allow for a systematic approach to data quality.


Make proactive decisions

Get notified immediately when as interesting opportunity arises, such as chance to buy or sell a specific property, or responding to a sudden market change.


Free up time

Use automation tool with clever best practices to massively increase productivity of data delivered. Let your finance and industry experts focus on analysis and decision making, in stead of data wrangling.


Ready analyses and compliance

Automate insights for decision making, reports for compliance and analytics to save time and stay ahead of the competition. Analyze profitability, investments, matchmaking and more.


Take back ownership of data

Take active ownership of your data by having a insights platform you control. Expand and adapt your data sources, analytics, reports and usage according to your business needs.


Stay ahead on digital

By releasing the power of your data, there is less chance for a competitor or a pure digital disruptor to succeed. Foster a data-driven culture to stay ahead of the digital competition.

Akershus Eiendom

Akershus Eiendom, a leading commercial real estate broker in Norway, has chosen BI Builders as a strategic partner to help accelerate their journey to become a data-driven real estate broker.

As part of their digital strategy, Akershus Eiendom uses our software Xpert BI to automate the process of going from raw data to actionable insights.

Xpert BI is used for gathering, structuring and presenting data from various sources both internally and externally, and streamlining the production of analytics, reports, opportunity discoveries and more. BI Builders offers a combination of powerful automation tools and experienced data engineers

Akershus Eiendom





Smedvig Corporation consists of Smedvig Property, Smedvig Capital, and Smedvig Asset Management Allocation. Smedvig uses Xpert BI as their Insight Platform for all their operational data.

The Insight platform compiles information across all sources:
  • Project overview
  • Operational cost per property/ building (cost of maintenance)
  • Sales Pipeline (Leads, Bids, Offers, Win/Loss Ration, Volume of new contracts, the price per square meter)
  • Corporate transaction overview
  • Supplier depth

How we do it

To enable a data-driven organization we combine three elements. Technology, proven industry experience and industry leading data professionals.

Our technology, Xpert BI, is a powerful automation platform designed to complement and extend Microsoft’s data management and BI platforms. It automates data warehouse development, optimizes data processing and provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation and lineage capabilities.

Xpert BI is filling the gaps and adding value where Microsoft’s tools are relatively less capable. For you this means, less overhead, more time, lower cost, improved quality and accelerated time-to-market. In January 2020, Xpert BI was recognized by Gartner for its capabilities writing it increases a company’s productivity by 4x.

What our customers say

Steinar Kvam AE Square

Becoming more data-driven is a key factor in our digital strategy, and we are excited to accelerate this process with the help of BI Builders

Steinar Kvam, Head of Technology and Innovation at Akershus Eiendom.
Skjermbilde 2020-10-14 kl. 15.11.41

Xpert BI has saved us time and money by cutting the implementation cost in half. It has given us flexibility, at the same time control and traceability.

Lars Herman Løkkeberg, Brynild Gruppen
petoro profil

Our data warehouse Tora, based on Xpert BI and Microsoft SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases our value creation.

Data Manager Erik Aarrestad, Petoro

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