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Data Engineer

Accelerate the process
from data to value

We help you accelerate development of a modern data platform using automation, making you 4x more efficient according to Gartner. You can deploy to Azure using SQL Server, Azure Data Lake Storage gen 2 and Azure Synapse.

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Acknowledged by Gartner

Xpert BI was featured as a case study in 2020 paper Automating Data Warehouse Development by Henry Cook, Gartner. It high-lighted our co-existence strategy with Microsoft products. It means we don’t reinvent the weel, rather we add what’s lacking in Azure; an integrated approach to automation and data governance.


Accelerate Microsoft tech on Azure

Accelerate your work using Xpert BI together with SQL Server for reliable and cost effective relational data, Azure Data Lake Storage gen2 for scalable staging of any data and Azure Synapse for scalable processing. We constantly include new Microsoft products on Azure into our automation family, filling in the gaps where these tools are relatively less capable and enabling end-to-end data automation and data governance without duplication of capability.


Build the basis for analytics, AI & ML with transparent code

Quickly and efficiently build the data platform from which you serve data to business analytics, visualization, data storytelling, deep learning or machine learning to enable AI, and other statistics and advanced analytics processes. Code generated by Xpert BI can be inspected at each stage in the process. Everything is SQL code with no lock-in.


Greatly accelerate development speed

Every data platform project uses some form of automation with scripts, custom frameworks and code. This is often hard to maintain over time. With Xpert BI, automation is delivered as software. Thus there is no need for the project team to test code generation framework for each sprint, greatly accelerating developing speed. Xpert BI is purely metadata driven and configurable through an easy to use GUI so you can do less boring repetitive tasks and more of the interesting stuff.


Why use a ready automation framework?

Many automation frameworks for i.e. Azure Data Factory introduce key-person depencies and makes hand-over difficult. Data lineage and documentation is often not automated and the framework can be costly to maintain and lead to inconsistent and unstable data platforms. Instead, Xpert BI provides data platform automation as software ready to-go, so you can focus on your architecture, your data, your models and your business logic. Check out our free online course and get a flying start on automation.

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How can I try out Xpert BI myself?

Get in touch to try our wizard where you can build an inital data platform in 3 steps using automation. It highlights the concepts of automation and how quick it is to get started. Config in each step can further be customized as you need to accomodate each organization’s unique situation and requirements.


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