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What we do

BI Builders help organizations become data-driven with the purpose to achieve more, become better. Becoming data-driven is a combination of data, technology, culture, well-defined processes and responsibilities. Each collectively playing a significant role. Our role is related to technology and data.

Even though becoming data-driven is not about technology alone, technology does play an important part. It represents the digital infrastructure managing the moving parts related to fetching data, transforming it to insight and fueling it back to the organization. Its highly complex, time-consuming and often linked to a high volume of expensive services.

We challenge this with a new mindset and different technology.


Data-driven use-cases

Barrier management

Identify human, technical and organizational barriers with a holistic view of preventive barriers, hazards and recovery barriers.


Production Overview

Provides you a holistic view of performance indicators such as gas reliability, gas availability, YTD vs planned, net produced gas by and net condensate rolling months and much more.


Platform Management

A holistic overview of facility status and activities as well as the risk associated with impairments and non-conformances. Overview of non-conformances by risk (low, high, medium), by location and if mitigated.


Monitor Fouling

Ensuring timely identification and mitigation of fouling from e.g. heat exchangers. Dashboard with chemical rates, target, issues, alerts and details.


Check for maintenance

Automatic checking of valve operations for maintenance replacing schedules with condition-based preventive maintenance.


Supply Chain Management

Achieving operational excellence by Supply Chain Management transparency. Provides you an overview and awareness in the organization, enabling informed decision-making for material procurement and management through a risk-based approach.

Petoro - Customer success

The Norwegian government has substantial holdings in several oil and gas fields, pipelines and land facilities linked to the Norwegian continental shelf through the State’s Direct Financial Interest (SDFI). Petoro AS manages these interests.

Data Manager Erik Aarrestad explains how their data warehouse Tora, based on Xpert BI and Microsoft SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases value creation

Aker BP-1

About Aker BP

Aker BP (formerly Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA) selected Xpert BI as automation platform for their new data warehouse. The first data-driven initiative was related to daily production reporting for Det Norske’s new production asset Ivar Aasen.

Today the Xpert BI enterprise data warehouse is a pillar in Aker BP’s information architecture, and is being used by nearly all business units in Aker BP. Aker BP is BI Builders’ largest customer, and in addition to Xpert BI software support, we provide BI development, maintenance and support, project and service delivery management, business and technical analysis, architecture and advisory services.


About OKEA

In 2018, OKEA finalized the purchase of the Draugen license from Shell Norway and chose CEGAL as a partner for the takeover process. BI Builders engagement with OKEAs can be separated into two main parts.

The first one comprised the transfer of data from Shell Norway with the aim to meet both needs and requirements that OKEA faced when started their new role as an operator on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The second one focused on building a complete reporting platform to provide insight and information sharing across the whole company. BI Builders was chosen to facilitate both the data transfer and the development of OKEA’s new information platform in the transfer of data from Shell.

The overall project cost for the license transfer resulted significantly lower than OKEA originally budgeted, much due to the benefits of automating development. As of today, OKEA has established a new digital information platform that allows insight across the whole company and is the basis for new digital initiatives. All this with a high degree of data governance across the whole solution.

How we do it

To enable an organisation to become data-driven we combine three elements. Technology, proven industry experience and industry leading data professionals.

Our technology, Xpert BI, is a powerful automation platform designed to complement and extend Microsoft’s data management and BI platforms. It automates data warehouse development, optimizes data processing and provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation and lineage capabilities.

Xpert BI is filling the gaps and adding value where Microsoft’s tools are relatively less capable. For you this means less overhead, more time, lower cost, improved quality and accelerated time-to-market. In January 2020, Xpert BI was recognized by Gartner for its capabilities writing it increases a company’s productivity by 4x.

BI Builders expertise is related to disciplines such as Production, Platform Management, Barrier Management, Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) and Mandatory Government Reporting.

Our selected reference cases below demonstrates our industry experience and ability to generate value in global and complex organizations.


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