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Accelerate your ERP Project with Xpert BI

Are you implementing or upgrading an ERP system? We let you easily access your ERP data, quality assures it, and combine it with data across your organization to optimize your business.

Xpert BI is fully integrated into Azure cloud.

Benefits to your organization

Xpert BI provides ready data connectors, built-in standardization, and efficiency gains such as code generation, test automation, and automatic documentation for self-service


Get the complete view

Analyze your organization’s performance and make decisions based on a holistic view across all relevant data both internally and externally to your organization


Eliminate bad data

Detect data quality issues early in projects or initial planning phases to be able to implement appropriate measures sooner or set expectations more accurately


End lock-in costs

Stop paying read-only licenses from legacy ERP and still be able to validate new insights and maintain complete data history

What makes Xpert BI different

Ready adapters to ERP systems save time and increase quality

It is challenging to get meaningful data out of ERP systems, as they typically separate between metadata and physical data layers. Xpert BI's adapters let you combine these layers so data is human-readable in your preferred language

Automation for ERP = efficient analytics workloads

A rule of thumb for any analytics, reporting, machine learning or AI, is that 80% of the work is data management. Xpert BI is no-code/low-code with built-in functionality to automate any "automatable" data management task. Example tasks include data model creation, data mapping, code deployment, metadata management, workflow orchestration, lineage, and documentation.

Governance and self-service for ERP

Xpert BI keeps track of all the data lineage from your ERP system and all other data sources all the way up to analytics in Power BI. Documentation of the complete solution end to end is automatically available in a non-technical and user-friendly web interface for your colleagues. This enables self-service and lookup about any KPIs, numbers, etc in any Power BI report.


ERP Systems


Xpert BI is compatible with all ERP systems, including but not limited to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Xledger, Infor, IFS, and Unit 4 ERP. 

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ERP projects – how Xpert BI can help build your data platform

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