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Upcoming events

Azure Synapse Webinar

Azure Synapse Analytics Ready or not?

Date: TBD

This is an interactive webinar, focusing on the data warehouse components of Synapse to evaluate, is Synapse ready for enterprise production data warehousing?

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Xpert BI Live Demo

Date: TBD.

Get to know the product and learn why Xpert BI is the data warehouse automation tool for your organization.

We aim to have a demo on a monthly basis.

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Xpert BI Partner Update

Recording from our partner event on October 1.
The meeting was for our Scandinavian partners, and is therefore in Norwegian.

Energyworld 2021

Recording of presentation by Anja Loug Helland and Mark Nyberg from Petoro.

Xpert BI Live Demo

Recording of the live event held on June 24.

Xpert BI Live Demo

Recording of the live event held on May 27.