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Rocket your day with Xpert BI

For data engineers, Xpert BI offers a complete development toolkit - Not just a development framework. It gives you the perfect balance of standardization and flexibility for your data platform.

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How it works

We believe there is a better way to build a data platform to support your data-driven organization. We are excited to help you through our software, our people, and our community.

Xpert BI offers a complete and comprehensive end-to-end toolkit for your data platform while integrating with a wide range of cloud data services.


Metadata engine

A core functionality tracking the complete end-to-end dependencies between all assets (e.g. tables and columns) in the data platform, all the way from data sources to visualizations in Power BI or similar.

Solution catalog

Always updated self-service documentation for end-users. It helps understand the data, where it is coming from, transformations, dependencies, regulatory requirements and data ownerships.

Data governance

Letting your organization formally manage and gain better control over your data assets. Key elements include data traceability and transparency, compliance and data ownership, and integration of master data.


Built-in best-practices and processes to improve quality, speed, and collaboration. Easily adjust your architecture at any time, use automation to free up time for collaboration, and have test automation and unit tests ready.


Great flexibility in how you want to put your data platform into production. You may deploy as native flows in Azure Data Factory and avoid any lock-in, document any existing data factories and analyze & predict costs.

Transform & Serve

Guided development with full modelling flexibility for any data product need e.g. marts, ABTs, and reverse ETL. No-code, low-code, as well as full-code without breaking end to end data lineage on column level.

Extract & Ingest

Moving data into your data platform has never been easier. Flexible to connect to any data source including complex sources such as SAP, and leverage built-in standardization and best-practices.

Flexible infrastructure

Supporting a wide range of data platform components across Azure and AWS. Optimize price performance by swapping between storage and processing technologies with no recoding.

Watch to learn more

Xpert BI feature details

Get to know the product and learn why Xpert BI is the data automation tool for your organization.

Xpert BI solution catalog with lineage

See how Xpert BI Solution Catalog provides an automated end-to-end lineage from the data source, through the data warehouse, and to the Power BI report.

Xpert BI extraction with wizard

Xpert BI automates data ingestion to speed up data delivery. See how you can ingest data in 3 simple steps. Automation also includes best practices and standardization built in.

Automate a flexible data platform

Xpert BI makes it easy to configure new data destinations and provides flexibility and scalability for your solution.

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