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BI Builders has substantial experience with helping a broad variety of industries become data-driven. We combine smart technology with industrial know-how to enable you to make better decisions - faster.

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BI Builders has substantial experience with reporting and data preparation within the Energy industry. Our expertise is related to disciplines such as Production, Platform Management, Barrier Management, Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) and Mandatory Government Reporting.

We help our customers use data to monitor heat exchangers, checking of valve operations for maintenance, Mobile Field Operator, Mechanical Integrity Monitoring, Supply Chain Management transparency, Inventory Reporting, Integrated Planning, SIF- and TRIF-reporting, Operations KPI’s and much more.

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Real Estate

We help the real estate sector digitally transform with faster and seamless access to data. It is not limited to overcoming organizational silos and spreadsheets. Data is continuously harvested from a global ecosystem of services such as news media, social media, markets, demographics, public sector, search engines, IOT sensors in physical properties and urban transportation and service offerings. Getting a grip of it all requires a fast and agile data platform.

We provide quality assured data for i.e. more efficient investement and transaction analyses, proactive sales opportunity discovery and reporting on KPIs for management and other stakeholders i.e. regarding topics such as profitability and sustainability.

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Public Sector

We have experience from a range of public sector organizations, from the state owned directories level to the municipality level. The most common challenge is that data needed for reporting and business process improvement is stored in different systems both internal and external, and the knowledge of the data and access to the data is limited accross the organisation.

There is a need to remove ‘silos’ and manual processes, and to have more, better and qualified data for decision making. By using Xpert BI for data warehouse automation, data from all types of sources can be gathered and integrated very efficiently and data and information can be shared accross organisational entities.

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The logistics industry is continuously challenged to use digitalization to become more environment-friendly. The ‘green’ movement is becoming an integrated part of every operation, from loading processes, transport and storage of goods.

We help logistics companies use data to become more effient, more intelligent and impose a smaller negative footprint on the environment. As in many other sectors, data is growing substantially in the logistics sector. Using automation for data gathering and processing is crutial to keep up with the growing need for more data sources, higher data volume and the need for real time, or near-real time data.

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Production line


A data-driven production company needs to gather a wide range of data from their whole value chain to ensure an efficient product journey from creation and storage to distribution and sales.

We help this industry to identify non-value adding activities, unneccesary inventory, inaccurate sales estimates in the process of increasing operational efficiency. In addition, an important aspect is to maintain control of orders and sales, using historical data to project future needs for each product. The more accurate the projections the less waste and better prices.

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With more than 20 years of combined experience from the Finance sector, we have a deep understanding of both the business models and challenges that companies in the insurance, banking, and investment management sectors face.

We have hands-on experience on how data can be used as a competitive advantage and at the same time are aware of the strict regulations companies in the sector are subjected to. We are currently helping some of the most renowned companies in the Nordics, both as advisors and implementation partners.

Thanks to its flexible architecture, Xpert BI, can provide end to end automation both on-premises and on the cloud, including Azure Data Lake Gen2, Synapse or Azure SQL. Our tool has built-in data governance functionalities that help to keep track of the data flow from where the data originates (data sources) to where they are used (Power BI dashboards, chatbots and more). Bloomberg, Morningstar and Advent APX are just some of the systems we have been working with.

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