Xpert BI Live Demo

June 24, 2021 at 10:00-11:30(GMT+01:00)


Part 1 - How to convince your C-level that automation is the standard when building your cloud data platform in 2021
Part 2 - Where does DWA fit into my architecture and what is Xpert BI's take on it
Part 3 - DWA in action
Part. 4 - Q&A

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About the Live Demo

Join us on June 24, for a live demo of Xpert BI.
Get to know the product and learn why Xpert BI is the data warehouse automation tool for your organization.

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Frederik Naessens

Lead Architect 
Frederik is co-founder and lead architect at DataToko, exclusive sales partner of BI Builders in the Benelux region. Frederik is a dedicated, all-around BI expert; he has a keen interest in data warehouse automation, enabling analysts & developers to apply data modeling and ETL patterns on a daily basis. 



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Mark van der Heijden

Lead Engineer 

Mark is co-founder and lead engineer at DataToko, exclusive sales partner of BI Builders in the Benelux region.  Mark has 15 years of business intelligence and data warehousing experience with an extensive background in data integration, data modeling and data architecture. 


Terje Vatle

Chief Technology Officer - BI Builders
With a background in data & analytics advisory and development, Terje focuses on how to make organizations more data-driven and the journey towards a modern data platform in the cloud.

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