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ONS 2022

We are excited to take part in this year's ONS in Stavanger Forum, 29 August -1 September. Come see us at stand # 4320

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29 August - 1 September


The main theme for ONS 2022 is "Trust. Trust is allowing people to live and work together. Organizations and communities to thrive. Businesses to create value. And nations and the international community to stay out of conflicts and solve great challenges. Trust is the building block for any relationship without which the foundation will always remain shaky."

Come see us at stand # 4320 to learn how our data automation software Xpert BI can help you make data-driven decisions based on data you can trust.






Releasing the power of your data

Reports and dashboards are created and shared based on the same data platform. Data quality is ensured and manual processes held to a minimum. The data platform is built, maintained and documented with Xpert BI, a metadata driven development tool to accelerate your data journey.

HSEQ Reporting

Trends and KPIs on a your company's important HSEQ KPIs, such as TRIF, SIF, Emmisions, Maintenance ...and more

Production Reporting

Daily, monthly and yearly production reporting with trends and budget comparison. KPIs such as Lifting Cost and PE.

Logistics Reporting

Identify cost driving factors and improvement areas for the various logistics areas.


..or any reporting on your data

Take the step from personal and distributed spreadsheets to a centralized data storage with a single version of truth

Aker BP-1


Success Story

Aker BP

Measured in production, one of the largest independent listed oil companies in Europe

Aker BP has used Xpert BI for building and maintaining their data warehouse since 2016, starting with production reporting for Ivar AAsen.

Today the Xpert BI enterprise data warehouse is a pillar in Aker BP’s enterprise information architecture and greater data platform, and is being used by nearly all business units in Aker BP. 


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