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Our services

Helping organizations
become data-driven

We provide advisory and implementation services to support your organization in becoming data-driven. We focus on the unique situation of your organization and help you plan, implement, and maintain your data platform.

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Our services

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Big data. Real-time. Scalability. AI & ML. Governance. ETL/ELT. Automation. We help you navigate the complexity of choosing components in Azure and defining a complete blueprint for your end-to-end data platform.


Data strategy

We offer a structured process to define your strategy to become a data-driven organization. We help build compelling business cases for how data can be used in business processes to support targets such as revenue growth, cost reductions, and quality improvements.


Data platform

A data platform enables your organization to gather all the relevant data that you need and build a comprehensive information picture. We help you plan, design, implement, and maintain your data platform.


Analytics & Visualization

Lead the digital change in your organization by making data easy to find, use, and understand. Analytics & visualization helps people in your organization get actionable insights, understand patterns, and explore opportunities.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Extensive Power BI Experience and Certifications

BI Builders software available on Azure Cloud

Automate your data platform end-to-end

Executing data driven initiatives needs to be systematic, which is why our data services cover all the bases

The stepping stone to become a data driven company is .. data. But identifying and extracting it from complex systems can be quite difficult. We have the tools and experience to get you there.

  • Extract data easily from complex systems such as SAP, IFS, M3 and many more.
  • Sophisticated methods minimizes the effort of identifying relationshps and column names.
  • You select what data to extract, our market leading automation sofware does the job fast and reliable.

Data is great, but insight is better. We’ll help you convert data from variuos sources into valuable information, enabling your organization to make better decisions.

  • Data modelling.
  • Powerful automation.
  • Connecting data to business scenarios.
  • Realize the multiuse data infrastructure.

Humans more easily grasp information through visualization. In a business context, visualization helps convey a story to decision makers, allowing them to act more quickly than if the data were presented as reports.

  • Better analysis.
  • Quick action.
  • Identifying patterns.
  • Exploring business insights.

Our values



Integrity to us means that we are honest and transparent. We challenge our clients and advise them of what we believe is best, regardless of profit. And we never speak negatively about our competitors.



We are committed to enlightening our customers. To deliver what we promise, never promise more than we can deliver, and ensure high quality in every process.



Enthusiasm to us means having a positive attitude, having fun at work, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We respect and take care of each other, and celebrate everyone’s success.

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