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BI Builders' partner ecosystem

Together with our partners, we help customers get business-critical insight that supports accurate decision-making based on data they can trust – fast, and with ease of use.​

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Partnership Philosophy

We believe that by joining forces with expert partners, we will deliver the most advanced data automation solutions suited to individual and industry-specific needs. ​

We are experts in data automation, and together with our partner's expertise in advisory, infrastructure, project management and implementation, we can help customers accelerate time from data to valuable business insight.





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We partner with technology and industry experts ranging from end-to-end system integrators and consulting firms to niche tech companies.



Consulting partners have their core competencies in advisory, architecture, project management, and implementation. Together with automation from Xpert BI they help customers accelerate time from (raw?) data to valuable business insight.


System integrators

System Integrators combine best-of-breed solutions with Xpert BI to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for their data and analytics solutions. They know how to increase the value of the system landscape and help identify the missing links.


Tech & OEM

Tech & OEM partners integrate their solution with Xpert BI or even build Xpert BI as an integrated part of their solution. The end user might not see us easily, but we are the (rocket power/force adding?) speed and automation to the solution.



Platform partners provide technology platforms and services. Together we build solutions that help our customers get more value from their existing platforms. Xpert BI is certified and integrated with several platform partners.

Partner program

Partnering with us is easy! Together with our trusted partners we tailor best-of-breed solutions to customers' specific needs. Whether you are co-selling with us, reselling Xpert BI, integrating Xpert BI with your technology or offering consulting services using our technology, the partner program will help you succeed with us.


Great incentives

We reward our partners. If you share a lead with us, invite us in your sales process that leads to a new customer, or if you resell Xpert BI, we make sure that you are rewarded with a kickback on our part of the sales.

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Getting results fast is an important goal to make the partnership thrive, but we also want it to grow business over time. Therefore we offer a joint go-to-market plan with our partners to get us up to speed and continue accelerating the benefits of the partnership.

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End-to-end support

We want you to succeed and achieve high customer satisfaction. We will support you throughout the whole process and our teams in marketing, sales, presales and services are here to help.



At the academy you can enroll in Xpert BI training and certification to be able to work with, and implement our technology in your customer projects. Develop your skills and career at your on pace.


Knowledge base

The knowledge base is where your consultants, data scientists and engineers can access FAQ, software documentation, best practices and user guides related to our technology.


Deliver efficiently

The Xpert BI data platform enables you to deliver data warehouse and data automation projects more efficiently. As a result, your customers will start seeing the added value quickly and you have freed up capacity to bring on new projects.

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Customer stickiness

No customer kicks out a supplier that continues to add value. Our experience is that Xpert BI customers expand their solutions and add more to the front-end layer as their analytics and insight grow. That is where you will play an important role. Customers need your help in maintaining and developing the platform.



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Svein Erik Myhr is dedicated to ensuring that the partner program is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Contact Svein Erik to find a good solution for you and your business. 

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