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Public Sector

A data-driven
public sector

Improve public services by making data available and enable data-driven decisions to accelerate the digital transformation.

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How we help

BI Builders helps the public sector become data-driven with the purpose to achieve more, become better. Becoming data-driven is a combination of data, technology, culture, well-defined processes, and responsibilities. Each collectively playing a significant role. Our role is related to technology and data.

Even though becoming data-driven is not about technology alone, technology does play an important part. It represents the digital infrastructure managing the moving parts related to fetching data, transforming it to insight, and fueling it back to the organization. Its highly complex, time-consuming, and often linked to a high volume of expensive services.

We challenge this with a new mindset and different technology.


Power the digital journey

Lead the digital change in your sector, department, or municipality by making data, reports, and analyses part of all processes to drive the digital transformation.


Get control of spending

Get the full picture of spending and reduce unnecessary expenses with Xpert BI. Cost control can be easy with customized public sector analytics.

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Collect data from all sources

Get instant access to all your data by using Xpert BI. Accelerate decision support with automation and get actionable insights from most data sources.


Correct information

Know that the information that you are getting from across several departments and functions are up to date and correct.


Data Governance

We set data governance at the top of our priorities to ensure compliance (GDPR/CCPA and other privacy acts), data traceability, and end-to-end documentation.


Scalable Solution

With Xpert BI you can start small and easily expand your solution at your own speed as your requirements develop.

How we do it

To enable the public sector to become data-driven we combine three elements. Technology, proven industry experience and industry-leading data professionals.

Our technology, Xpert BI, is a powerful automation and data governance platform designed to complement and extend Microsoft’s data management and BI platforms. It automates data warehouse development, optimizes data processing and provide comprehensive end-to-end documentation and lineage capabilities. Both on-premises, in Azure, or for hybrid solutions.

Xpert BI is filling the gaps and adding value where Microsoft’s tools are relatively less capable. For you, this means lower costs, improved quality, and accelerated processes. In January 2020, Data Warehouse Automation tools (such as Xpert BI) was recognized by Gartner for increasing a company’s productivity by 4x.

We help the public sector keep up with the expectations of their users
and deliver on the promise of the digital age.


Xpert BI Health Care Solutions

We have created Xpert BI for health care and nursing, a new and effective reporting solution that gives municipalities increased control of operations, use of resources, and follow-ups of people in need of care.

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