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Success Stories

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from the people that matter; our customers.
We aim to thrill every single customer. And we know we have done something right when they are willing to go on camera to share it with the world.

More success stories from a selection of industries are coming soon.

NorSea Group

NorSea is an innovative and customer-focused supply chain manager. The company provides supply base services and integrated logistics solutions to several industries.

The data warehouse in NorSea was established as they were implementing a new ERP system. With the powerful automation that Xpert BI provides, NorSea was able to start building a data model for reporting and combine data from several systems simultaneously as they converted into the new ERP system.




The Norwegian State has substantial holdings in several oil and gas fields, pipelines and land facilities linked to the Norwegian continental shelf through the State’s Direct Financial Interest (SDFI). Petoro AS manages these interests

Data Manager Erik Aarrestad explains how their data warehouse Tora, based on Xpert BI and Microsoft SQL Server, enables better decision making and increases value creation

Brynild Gruppen 

Brynild Gruppen AS, one of Norway’s largest family-owned confectionary manufacturers.

Brynildgruppen uses Xpert BI for all their data collections into their Data Warehouse on SQL Server. The main reporting and analytics domain in the solution is sales; both inner and outer sales, which includes integrating data from SAP, Nielsen and other External trade solutions.



Global sales Reporting Solution

Laerdal has been using Xpert BI as DWA tool on their global DWH solution since 2012. Laerdal has high requirements for stable and reliable data loads, to always have updated Sales information in their sales reports and analysis. The solution is available 24/7 with updates running several times per day.


Enterprise DWH with Automation

As part of Aker BP’s philosophy of efficient operations, the company has selected Xpert BI as a Data Warehouse tool for facilitating information for reporting and decision support. The company has emphasized the importance of compiling data from various sources in an efficient manner, in order to ensure decision support and control.


Integrated reporting in Bodø municipality

Bodø Kommune uses Xpert BI as a part of their management decision support system. They have implemented an integrated solution in a Sharepoint portal where managers throughout the organization gets all relevant information for decision support as well as a lean and efficient management reporting solution.


Insights platform for Akershus Eiendom

As part of their digital strategy as the leading commercial real estate broker in Norway, Akershus Eiendom uses Xpert BI to accelerate the process of going from raw data to actionable insights. The software is used for gathering, structuring and presenting data from a variety of sources both internally and externally, and streamlining analyses, reports, opportunity discovery and more.


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