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Rocket your data with Xpert BI

Our software, Xpert BI, accelerates your ability to gather, interpret, organize and use data to make smarter and faster decisions. Increase productivity, robustness, and agility using automation.

How it works

The stepping stone to become a data driven company is .. data. But identifying and extracting it from complex systems can be quite difficult. We have the tools and experience to get you there.

  • Extract data easily from complex systems such as SAP, IFS, M3 and many more.
  • Sophisticated methods minimizes the effort of identifying relationshps and column names.
  • You select what data to extract, our market leading automation sofware does the job fast and reliable.

Data is great, but insight is better. We’ll help you convert data from variuos sources into valuable information, enabling your organization to make better decisions.

  • Data modelling.
  • Powerful automation.
  • Connecting data to business scenarios.
  • Realize the multiuse data infrastructure.

Humans more easily grasp information through visualization. In a business context, visualization helps convey a story to decision makers, allowing them to act more quickly than if the data were presented as reports.

  • Better analysis.
  • Quick action.
  • Identifying patterns.
  • Exploring business insights.

What makes Xpert BI unique

Xpert BI accelerates the process of designing, implementing and managing a modern cloud data platform. It is metadata-driven and guides the developers through tasks such as source data definitions, data ingest, data placements, unit testing, migration, change management and documentation. Some parts of the process are even fully automated, based on high-level configuration.

Price performance can be monitored and optimized at any time. You may even change storage and processing technologies when you like without rewriting code or redesigning data flows.

Xpert BI feature description

Flexible choice

Choose from a wide range of storage and processing technologies e.g. Azure SQL database, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) gen2, Snowflake, Databricks and AWS S3.

Regardless of what you select , we can bring powerful automation to accelerate your data-driven journey. And, you can always change it later.

Storage options

Still don't believe us?

Listen to one of our customers, Petoro, who has managed to
become data-driven with the support of Xpert BI

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