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Rocket your data with Xpert BI

With Xpert BI, your team can ship trusted data 4x faster, be more productive and agile, free up time for value creation, stay in control and minimize risks.

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What makes Xpert BI unique?

Xpert BI is the data automation and data governance tool your team needs to be more productive, adapt to changes faster, minimize risks, and have more time for analytics, AI and ML.

Be more productive and agile

Get the most out of your data team, adapt quickly to changes and deliver business value faster with limited resources.

Free up time for analytics, AI and ML

Shift 80% of your work load from data integration, data quality and data wrangling over to analytics, AI and ML.

Documentation and data governance

Xpert BI supports self-service and data governance with end-to-end documentation and data lineage.

Minimize operational and key-personnel risks

Data automation is designed to mitigate the many risks of building and maintaining a modern data platform.

Flexible Architecture, scale and optimize price/performance

Choose from a wide range of storage and processing technologies. And change later.

You can later change technologies or add new ones without rewriting code. Add any analytics, AI or ML solution on top. Regardless of what you select, Xpert BI brings powerful automation to accelerate your data-driven journey to get the most out of both your people and your data.
Technologies - Azure and AWS-1

Run your solution on Azure, Amazon Web Services or on-premises. Leverage technologies such as Azure SQL database, Azure SQL MI, Azure Synapse DSP, Amazon SQL Server, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) gen2, Databricks and AWS S3.

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Powerful end-to-end lineage

Quotation-mark  We now have a complete dependency overview of our data warehouse, which is always up to date. It gives us a new level of control of data usage in the entire end-to-end solution, which we have never had before. This saves time in both development and maintencance of the solution.”

Per Kristensen, Senior DWH Architect, JBF bank og forsikring

Functionality overview

Xpert BI is a comprehensive data automation and data governance tool with a wide range of functionalities.

Xpert BI tool enables automatic documentation, standardization, data governance support, and methodology improvements over off-the-shelf ETL- and ELT tools.

Functionality highlights include holistic data ingest, support for DataOps with test automation, source control and data quality, advanced API management and API creation, data source adapters, performance optimizations, migration wizards, and end-to-end column level data lineage. Supporting both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Visualization tool is not limited to Power BI.



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Xpert BI feature details

Get to know the product and learn why Xpert BI is the data automation tool for your organization.

Xpert BI Solution Catalog with lineage

See how Xpert BI Solution Catalog provides an automated end-to-end lineage from the data source, through the data warehouse, and to the Power BI report.

Xpert BI extraction with wizard

Xpert BI automates data ingestion to speed up data delivery. See how you can ingest data in 3 simple steps. Automation also includes best practices and standardization built in.

Automate a flexible data platform

Xpert BI makes it easy to configure new data destinations and provides flexibility and scalability for your solution.

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